A global standard In line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development By implementing measures in line with the We will achieve the goal of “leaving no one behind.



StellaSDGs is not about “damage that the next generation will suffer,” but about “important DNA that the next generation will inherit,” and we will implement initiatives that will bring happiness to the Earth and humanity over the long term.


Eco Cycle activities

Continuing to care for the earth to the maximum extent possible with the least amount of waste.

・Introduction of paperless system
・Introduction of electronic signatures
・Web-based payroll service
・Web-based forms service
・Introduction of paper-packed beverages
・Introduction of “My Bottle” and “My Chopsticks
・Cool Biz
・Warm Biz
・Temperature setting rules for air conditioning

flexible work hours

A workplace where you can work with peace of mind and trustworthy teamwork.

・Introduction of remote work
・Establishment of shorter working hours

Clean city project

Give shape to your appreciation for the city.

・Proactive participation in and sponsorship of volunteer events
・Participating in and sponsoring volunteer events

a family system

Putting family first

・Childcare/Establish a clear system for nursing care leave

Charity Activities

There are some facts that the world should not turn a blind eye to.

・Donations to various fields

New coronavirus infection countermeasure manual

New coronavirus infection countermeasure manual